Fully customized school affairs research

Leadtek's big data solution can systematically integrate school affairs systems inside or outside the school. Even school affairs data in different file formats can be aggregated into a highly scalable data warehouse for analysts to obtain real-time and clean information. The data is cross-analyzed and presented in real-time statistical charts, effectively assisting users in discovering highlights, planning countermeasures, and making scientific decisions.

School Affairs Research Framework

The data warehouse that best fits the school's Data structure

Data warehousing is the core foundation of school affairs research, and the most difficult tasks to overcome are data collection, inventory and cleaning. Leadtek has accumulated more than 30 school affairs research experiences, which can help schools to lay a solid foundation for school affairs research data warehouse construction, so that schools can quickly understand the situation in the school, scan the blind spots of school affairs management, and optimize the allocation and management of school resources .

In practice, the construction scope of school affairs research data warehouse is mainly divided into

Starting from office

The academic affairs office with relatively complete data is the main construction unit, and then expanded to other offices.

Academic affairs
  • Analysis of student learning effectiveness
  • Admissions strategy drafting
  • Teaching resource allocation management
Academic affairs
  • Statistics and analysis of scholarships and grants
  • Life Counseling and assistance for the disadvantaged
  • Analysis of performance in extracurricular activities
General affairs
  • Benefit analysis of budget execution
  • Budget allocation analysis
  • Analysis of campus energy consumption
Library materials
  • Analysis of library materials
  • Service usage analysis
  • Maintenance cost analysis
Research and development
  • Research project execution analysis
  • Research resource usage analysis
  • Academic research capacity analysis
  • Graduate flow
  • Employer satisfaction survey
  • Learning benchmark analysis

Starting from roles

Starting from the aspects related to students, and then extending to the aspects related to teachers and management costs, to find out the problems of different roles.

  • Student learning outcomes
  • Learning feature analysis
  • Early warning of student loss and retired students
  • Grade prediction
  • Teacher evaluation analysis
  • Paper research capacity analysis
  • Discrimination analysis of test Items
  • Campus power usage analysis
  • Scholarship distribution analysis
  • Library affairs analysis

The first automatic filling operation

The Leadtek team also assisted the school to clean up the information required by the "Cross-domain Integration Database of Higher Education School Affairs Research" and "University School Affairs Database", providing an automated process mechanism for each business unit to quickly fill in the report and upload it on time during the reporting period.

Overall process architecture

Customized platform and customized dashboard

Assist the school in building a customized data collection platform, which can be imported into the school's research data warehouse simultaneously, making warehouse construction easier.

Concatenate the cleaned data into various charts, present the information on the customized dashboard in real time, and the statistical data behind each chart can be downloaded to increase the diversity of uses.