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Leadtek Big Data Solutions

Institutional Research

Fully Customized Institutional Research

Leadtek's big data solutions can systematically integrate school or off-campus schooling systems. Even school documents in different file formats can be aggregated into highly scalable data warehousing for analysts to get instant and clean data for cross-analysis and present them in real-time statistical charts to effectively help users uncover highlights, plan strategies, and make decision-making scientific.

Institutional Research Structure

Data warehousing that best fits the school's data structure

Data warehousing is the core foundation of institutional research. The most difficult task to overcome is data collection, inventory and cleaning. Leadtek has accumulated research experiences of more than 30 schools, which can help schools stabilize the foundation of institutional research data warehousing, so that schools can quickly understand the school situation, scan school management blind spots, and optimize school resource allocation management.

Start with roles

Start with the student-related aspects, and then extend to the aspects of teachers and management costs to find out the problems of different roles:

Student learning outcomes, Learning characteristics analysis, Forewarning of student loss and student withdrawal, Performance forecast

Teacher assessment analysis, Paper research energy analysis, Test questions discrimination analysis

Test questions discrimination analysis, Scholarship analysis, Library management analysis

Customized platform and customized dashboard

● Help the school to create a customized data collection platform, which can be simultaneously imported into the institutional research data warehousing, making storage construction easier.
● The cleaned data is connected into various charts to instantly present information on the customized dashboard, and the statistics behind each chart can be downloaded to increase the diversity of uses.

Leadtek big data solutions

Provide a complete one-stop solution to help schools, governments and enterprises build comprehensive data warehousing and intelligent analysis. Customized services are provided from clarifying objectives, understanding needs, planning projects, data cleaning, processing analysis, setting test scenarios, verifying results, and finally education training.

It works as if the system can start to operate as soon as the customer turns the key, greatly reducing R&D and import time. It enable managers to grasp the current situation and identify potential problems. When promoting reform policies, they can use data as a basis for decision-making.

Platform architecture

Key core -
data warehousing

Only good data warehousing can make good use of data and assist decision-making. Leadtek has extensive practical experience to help customers in the construction of data warehousing, integration/cleaning of data, and the placement of cleaned data in data warehousing so that analysts can directly obtain clean data for use.

Data cleaning is one of the major parts in the process of building data warehousing. The operation process is as follows:

  • 1
    Intelligent data analysis

    Leadtek's professional consultant analysis team will build appropriate models for the clients' internal problems, propose statistical chart reports, and help managers to make correct decisions based on scientific data.

  • 2
    Big data mining software

    of statistical analysis. And the software has built-in visual analysis and data mining functions; users do not need to frequently switch visual analysis and statistical analysis software, providing users the flexibility to create and analyze their own charts.

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